3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Upgrading your ordinary bed to a memory foam mattress is surely an enjoyable experience. However, before you join in the bandwagon, you must first know what to look for in this type of mattress before you start shopping.

Thickness of the foam

This type of bed varies a lot in thickness. You can have a foam with 8 inches thick or opt for more than 13 inches thick. If you wish to have a firmer foam, then go with a thicker mattress. Unfortunately, not all are made of 100% memory foam. Some have a memory foam on top but the base is made of something different.


The density of the foam will help you determine the firmness of the surface. Usually, it is measured in pounds. If you want a denser foam, choose a brand or model with a higher density number. Experts recommend getting a memory foam mattress that’s 3 to 4 pounds if you want to sleep on a plush surface, and look for a unit with at least 5 pounds if you want to sleep on your stomach or back.

Bed frame

This type of foam mattress doesn’t need a box spring. Nonetheless, if you are shopping for a bed frame, make sure that the height of the bed frame is lower than your traditional bed. Opt for a platform bed such as these, even though a memory foam mattress can go with all types of frames.